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avs.4.1 [0400107] The man who seeks the friend of Gods, Atharvan the father, and Brihaspati, with worship, Crying to him, Be thou all things creator! the wise God, self dependent, never injures.
avs.4.2 Indra s and Soma s child, thou art Atharvan s tiger crushing charm.
avs.4.3 Indra s and Soma s child, thou art Atharvan s tiger crushing charm.
avs.5.2 [0500209] Thus hath Brihaddiva, the great Atharvan, spoken to Indra as himself in person.
avs.5.11 A dialogue between Atharvan and Varuna
avs.5.11 Now by what lore, by what inherent nature, knowest thou all things that exist, Atharvan?
avs.5.11 Thou, self dependent Varuna! hast begotten the kinsman of the Gods, our sire Atharvan.
avs.7.2 Praise of Atharvan
avs.7.2 [0700201] Invoke for us, proclaim in sundry places, the kinsman of the Gods, our sire Atharvan, His mother s germ, his father s breath, the youthful, who with his mind hath noticed this oblation.
avs.7.104 [0710401] Who will prepare the dappled Cow, good milker, never without calf, whom Varuna gave Atharvan, And, joying in Brihaspati s alliance, arrange according to his will her body?
avs.8.3 With light celestial in Atharvan s manner burn up the fool who ruins truth with falsehood.
avs.10.2 [1000226] Together, with his needle hath Atharvan sewn his head and heart.
avs.10.2 [1000227] That is indeed Atharvan s head, the well closed casket of the Gods.
avs.10.6 [1000620] Atharvan made the Amulet, Atharvan s children fashioned it.
avs.10.10 Atharvan, consecrated, sate upon the Sacred Grass of gold.
avs.10.10 [1001017] Then came and met the Blessed Ones, Deshtri, the Cow, and Svadha, where Atharvan, consecrated.
avs.11.4 [1100416] All herbs and plants spring forth and grow when thou, O Prana quickenest, Plants of Atharvan, Angiras, plants of the deities and men.
avs.11.6 [1100613] Adityas, Rudra, Vasus, Gods aloft in heaven, Atharvan s sons, The sages, sons of Angiras: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.18.3 [1800354] The chalice brimming over which erst Atharvan offered to Indra, Lord of wealth and treasure, Indu therein sets draught of virtuous action, and ever purifies himself within it.
avs.19.4 [1900401] The first oblation that Atharvan oared, earliest sacrifice paid by Jatavedas, [p. 213] Even this I, foremost, with repeated worship, now offer unto thee.
avs.19.54 [1905405] Atharvan and this Angiras in Kala are supreme over heaven.
avs.20.25 [2002505] Atharvan first by sacrifices laid the path; then, guardian of the Law, sprang up the loving Sun.
avs.20.107 [2010712] Thou hath Brihaddiva the great Atharvan, spoken to Indra as himself in person.
avs.20.140 Let the Atharvan pour the warm oblation forth, and Soma very rich in sweets.

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