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avs.2.29 Drest in like robes let these two drink the mixture, wearing the Asvins form as an illusion.
avs.2.30 [0203002] Ye, Asvins, lead together, ye unite and bring the loving pair.
avs.3.3 May both the Asvins make thy pathway easy.
avs.3.4 [0300404] First shall the Asvins, Varuna and Mitra, the Universal Gods, and Maruts call thee.
avs.3.16 [0301601] Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra, and the Asvins twain: Bhaga at dawn, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, and Rudra we invoke at dawn.
avs.3.22 [0302204] The lofty strength which sacrifice brings, Jatavedas! unto thee, What strength the Sun possesses, all strength of the royal Elephant such strength vouchsafe to me the pair of Asvins lotus garlanded!
avs.4.30 I hold aloft both Varuna and Mitra, I hold aloft Indra and both the Asvins.
avs.5.3 [0500309] Lord of the world, Creator and Disposer, may the God Savitar who quells assailants, May the Adityas, Rudras, both the Asvins, Gods, guard the sacrificer from destruction.
avs.5.25 [0502503] O Sinivali, set the germ, set thou the germ, Sarasvati! In thee let both the Asvins, crowned with lotuses, bestow the germ.
avs.5.26 [0502612] Hitherward come ye with the prayer, O Asvins, exalting sacrifice with cry of Vashat! Brihaspati! All hail! with prayer come hither.
avs.6.3 [0600303] Preserve us both the Asvins, Gods and Lords of Light, and let the Dawns and Night bring us deliverance.
avs.6.4 [0600403] May both the Asvins further our devotion.
avs.6.50 [0605001] Destroy the rat, the mole, the boring beetle, cut off their heads and crush their ribs, O Asvins.
avs.6.69 [0606902] With your delicious honey balm me, Asvins, Lords of splendid light! That clear and resonant may be the voice I utter to mankind.
avs.6.82 Whereon the Asvins brought the bride Surya the child of Savitar.
avs.6.102 [0610201] Even as this ox, O Asvins, steps and turns together with his mate, So let thy fancy turn itself, come nearer, and unite with me.
avs.6.103 [0610301] Brihaspati and Savitar prepare a rope to bind you fast! Let Bhaga, Mitra, Aryaman, and both the Asvins make the bond.
avs.6.141 This sign the Asvins have impressed: let these increase and multiply.
avs.6.141 [0614103] Even as Gods and Asuras, even as mortal men have done, Do ye, that these may multiply in thousands, Asvins! make the mark.
avs.7.52 [0705201] Give us agreement with our own, with strangers give us unity: Do ye, O Asvins, in this place join us in sympathy and love.
avs.7.53 [0705301] As thou, Brihaspati, from the curse hast saved us, from dwel ling yonder in the realm of Yama, The Asvins, leeches of the Gods, O Agni, have chased Death far from us with mighty powers.
avs.7.73 An invitation to the Asvins
avs.7.73 For we, O Asvins, singers sprung from many a house, invite you to be present at our banquetings. [p. a301]
avs.7.73 [0707302] Asvins, the fire is all aglow: your caldron hath been heated;.
avs.7.73 [0707303] Pure with the Gods is sacrifice with cry of Hail! That is the Asvins cup whence Gods are wont to drink.
avs.7.73 [0707304] Milk, molten butter offered when the mornings break, this is your portion, Asvins! Come ye hitherward.
avs.7.73 Come, O ye Asvins, taste the meath that hath been drained, drink of the milk provided by this radiant cow.
avs.7.73 May this cow yield her milk for both the Asvins, and may she prosper to our great advantage.
avs.9.1 A glorification of the Asvins whip and a prayer for blessings
avs.9.1 [0900101] The Asvins Honey whip was born from heaven and earth, from middle air, and ocean, and from fire and wind.
avs.9.1 [0900111] As at the morning sacrifice the Asvins twain love Soma well, Even so may both the Asvins lay splendour and strength within my soul.
avs.9.1 [0900116] As honey bees collect and add fresh honey to their honey store, Even so may both the Asvins lay splendour and strength within my soul.
avs.9.1 [0900117] As over honey flies besmear this honey which the bees have made, So may both Asvins lay in me splendour and strength and power and might.
avs.9.1 [0900119] May both the Asvins, Lords of Light, balm me with honey of the bees, That I may speak among the folk words full of splendour and of strength. [p. a358]
avs.9.4 [0900408] Both arms of Varuna, and Indra s vigour, the Maruts hump is he, the Asvins shoulders.
avs.9.7 [0900719] Sitting he is Agni, when he hath stood up he is the Asvins.
avs.9.10 May this Cow yield her milk for both the Asvins, and may she prosper to our high advantage.
avs.10.6 [1000612] The Asvins with this Amulet protect this culture of our fields.
avs.11.3 With the feet of the Asvins.
avs.11.6 [1100604] Gandharvas and Apsarases; the Asvins, Brahmanaspati, Aryaman, God, by name we call: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.8 [1100805] As yet the Seasons were unborn, and Dilator and Prajapati, Both Asvins, Indra, Agni.
avs.12.1 [1200110] She whom the Asvins measured out, over whom the foot of Vishnu strode, Whom Indra, Lord of Power and Might, freed from all foemen for himself, May Earth pour out her milk for us, a mother unto me her son.
avs.14.1 Both Asvins were the paranymphs: Agni was leader of the train.
avs.14.1 Asvins, when The Sun God Savitar bestowed his willing Surya on her lord.
avs.14.1 [1400114] When on your three wheeled chariot, O ye Asvins, ye came as suitors unto Surya s bridal, Where was one chariot wheel of yours? Where stood ye for the sire s command?
avs.14.1 [1400120] Let Bhaga take thy hand and hence conduct thee: let the two Asvins on their car transport thee.
avs.14.1 [1400135] Whatever lustre is in dice, whatever lustre is in wine, Whatever lustre is in cows, Asvins, endue this dame therewith.
avs.14.1 [1400154] May Indra Agni, Heaven Earth, Matarisvan, may Mitra Varuna, Bhaga, both the Asvins, Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this dame with offspring.
avs.14.1 [1400155] It was Brihaspati who first arranged the hair on Surya s head, [p. 134] And therefore, O ye Asvins, we adorn this woman for her lord.
avs.14.2 [1400205] Your favouring grace hath come, ye who are rich in spoil! Asvins, your longings are stored up within your hearts.
avs.14.2 So may Prajapati, and both the Asvins, Aryaman, Bhaga gladden her with offspring.
avs.19.10 [1901004] Favour us Agni with his face of splendour, and Varuna and Mitra and the Asvins.
avs.19.16 [1901602] May the Adityas from the sky protect me, Agni from the earth. [p. 226] May Indra Agni guard me from the eastward, on all sides may the Asvins give me shelter.
avs.19.20 [1902001] May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pushan guard us well from Mrityu Death caused by men, which Indra Agni, Dhatar, Brihaspati and Savitar appointed.
avs.19.40 [1904004] Vouchsafe to us, ye Asvins twain, such strength as, with atten dant light, May through the darkness carry us.
avs.19.42 [1904204] With prayer I call on him who frees from trouble, Prince of Gods, Splendid, chief of sacrifices, I call the Waters Child and both the Asvins, Vigour is mine, and strength bestowed by Indra.
avs.19.51 [1905102] Under the impulse of the God Savitar, sent forth from the arms of the Asvins and both hands of Pushan I have taken thee.
avs.20.125 [2012504] Ye, Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of grateful Soma juice, And aided Indra in his work with Namuchi of Asura birth.
avs.20.125 [2012505] As parents aid a son, both Asvins, Indra, aided thee with their wondrous powers and wisdom When thou, with might, hadst drunk the draught that glad dens, Sarasvati, O Maghavan refreshed thee.
avs.20.139 A hymn to the Asvins
avs.20.139 [2013901] To help and favour Vatsa now, O Asvins, come ye hitherward.
avs.20.139 [2013902] All manliness that is in heaven, with the Five Tribes, or in mid air, Bestow, ye Asvins, upon us.
avs.20.139 [2013903] Remember Karnva first of all among the singers,, Asvins, who Have thought upon your wondrous deeds.
avs.20.139 [2013904] Asvins, for you with song of praise this hot oblation is effused, This your sweet Soma juice, ye Lords of wealth and spoil, through which ye think upon the foe.
avs.20.139 [2013905] Whatever ye have done in floods, in the tree, Wonder workers, and in growing plants, Therewith, O Asvins, succour me.
avs.20.140 Continuation of the preceding hymn to the Asvins
avs.20.140 [2014002] Now hath the Rishi splendidly thought out the Asvins hymn of praise.
avs.20.140 [2014003] Ye Asvins, now ascend your car that lightly rolls upon its way.
avs.20.140 [2014004] When, O Nasatyas, we this day make you speed hither N ith our hymns, Or, Asvins, with our songs of praise, remember Kanva specially.
avs.20.140 [2014005] As erst Kakshivan and the Rishi Vyasva, as erst Dirghatamas invoked your presence, Or, in the sacrificial chambers, Vainya Prithi, so be ye mindful of us here, O Asvins.
avs.20.141 Hymn to the Asvins
avs.20.141 [2014102] Whatever with Indra ye be faring, Asvins, or resting in one dwelling place with Vayu, In concord with the Ribhus or Adityas, or standing still in Vishnu s striding places.
avs.20.141 [2014103] When 1, O Asvins, call on you to day that I may gather strength, Or as all conquering might in war, be that the Asvins noblest grace.
avs.20.141 [2014104] Now come, ye Asvins, hitherward: here are oblations set for you; These Soma draughts to aid Yadu and Turvasa, these offered you mid Kanva s sons.
avs.20.142 Hymn to Dawn and the Asvins
avs.20.142 [2014201] Together with the Goddess, with the Asvins Speech have I awoke.
avs.20.142 [2014202] Awake the Asvins, Goddess Dawn! Up, mighty Lady of Sweet Strains! Rise straightway, priest of sacrifice! High glory to the glad dening draught!
avs.20.142 [2014203] Thou, Dawn, approaching with thy light, shinest together with the Sun, [p. 378] And to this man protecting home the chariot of the Asvins comes.
avs.20.142 [2014204] When yellow stalks give forth the juice as cows from udders pour their milk, And voices sound the song of praise, the Asvins worshippers show first.
avs.20.142 [2014206] When, Asvins worthy of our lauds, ye seat you in the father s house.
avs.20.143 Hymn to the Asvins
avs.20.143 [2014301] We invocate this day your car, far spreading, O Asvins, even the gathering of the sunlight, Car praised in hymns, most ample, rich in treasure, fitted with seats, the car that beareth Surya.
avs.20.143 [2014302] Asvins, ye gained that glory by your Godhead, ye Sons of Heaven, by your own might and power.
avs.20.143 [2014303] Who bringeth you to day for help with offered oblations, or with hymns to drink the juices? Who, for the sacrifice s ancient lover, turneth you hither, Asvins, offering homage?
avs.20.143 [2014306] Now for us both, mete out, O Wonder Workers, riches exceed ing great with store of heroes, Because the men have sent you praise, O Asvins, and Ajamilhas come to the laudation.
avs.20.143 [2014309] Asvins, that work of yours deserves our wonder, the Bull of firmament and earth and heaven; Yes, and your thousand promises in battle.

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