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avs.1.11 O Pushan At this birth let Aryaman the Sage perform as Hotar priest, [p. a12] As one who bears in season let this dame be ready to bring forth her child.
avs.1.18 [0101802] Let Savitar, Mitra, Varuna, and Aryaman drive away Stinginess from both the hands and feet: May Favour, granting us her bounties, drive her off.
avs.3.5 That I may be exalted, yea, above the wealth of Aryaman.
avs.3.14 [0301402] May Aryaman pour gifts on you, and Pushan, land Brihaspati, And Indra, winner of the prize.
avs.3.20 [0302003] Let Aryaman vouchsafe us, wealth, and Bhaga, and Brihaspati, The Goddesses grant wealth to us, Sunrita, Goddess, give me wealth!
avs.3.20 [0302007] Urge Aryaman to send us gifts, and Indra, and Brihaspati, Vata, Vishnu, Sarasvati, and the strong courser Savitar.
avs.5.5 [0500501] Aryaman is thy grandsire, Night thy mother, and the Cloud thy sire.
avs.5.28 [0502812] Aryaman be thy binder on, and Pushan and Brihaspati: Whatever name the brood of day possess, therewith we fasten thee.
avs.6.4 [0600402] May Ansa, Bhaga, Varuna, and Mitra, Aryaman, Aditi, and Maruts guard us.
avs.6.103 [0610301] Brihaspati and Savitar prepare a rope to bind you fast! Let Bhaga, Mitra, Aryaman, and both the Asvins make the bond.
avs.11.6 [1100604] Gandharvas and Apsarases; the Asvins, Brahmanaspati, Aryaman, God, by name we call: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.13.4 [1300404] Rudra, and Mahadeva, he is Aryaman and Varuna.
avs.14.1 [1400117] Worship we pay to Aryaman, finder of husbands, kindly friend.
avs.14.1 With Bhaga and with Aryaman Dhatar endue the pair with strength!
avs.14.1 Aryaman s fire let her encircle, Pushan! Fathers in law stand, with their sons, expectant.
avs.14.1 [1400150] I take thy hand in mine for happy fortune that thou mayst reach old age with me thy consort, Gods, Aryaman, Bhaga, Savitar, Purandhi, have given thee to be my household s mistress.
avs.14.2 So may Prajapati, and both the Asvins, Aryaman, Bhaga gladden her with offspring.
avs.14.2 [1400240] So may the Lord of Life vouchsafe you children, Aryaman bind you, day and night, together.
avs.19.9 [1900906] Favour us Mitra, Varuna, and Vishnu, and Prajapati! Gracious* to us be Indra and Brihaspati and Aryaman.
avs.19.10 Sansa, auspicious be Purandhi and all Riches, The blessing of the true and well conducted and Aryaman in many forms apparent.
avs.20.16 [2001602] The son of Angiras, meeting the cattle, as Bhaga, brought in Aryaman among us.

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