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avs.4.12 [0401201] Thou art the healer, making whole, the healer of the broken bone: Make thou this whole, Arundhati!
avs.5.5 [0500505] Thou springest from blest Plaxa, or Asvattha, Dhava, Khadira, Parna, or blest Nyagrodha, so come thou to use, Arundhati!
avs.5.5 Become a winged water brook, and come to us, Arundhati!
avs.6.59 [0605901] First, O Arundhati, protect our oxen and milky kine: Protect each one that is infirm, each quadruped that yields no milk.
avs.6.59 [0605902] Let the Plant give us sheltering aid, Arundhati allied with Gods; Avert Consumption from our men and make our cow pen rich in milk.
avs.8.7 [0800706] The living Plant that giveth life, that driveth malady away, Arundhati, the rescuer, strengthening, rich a sweets I call, to free this man from scath and harm.
avs.19.38 [1903801] Never Consumption, never curse touches the man, Arundhati! Whom the delicious odour of the healing Bdellium penetrates

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