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avs.2.18 All hail! [0201803] Arayas ruiner art thou, give me to drive Arayas off. All hail! [p. a50]
avs.8.6 We drive away Arayas: let Sunama seek the women folk,
avs.8.6 [0800605] The black and hairy Asura, and Stambaja and Tundika, Arayas from this girl we drive, from bosom, waist, and parts below.
avs.8.6 [0800606] Sniffer, and Feeler, him who eats raw flesh, and him who licks his lips, Arayas with the tails of dogs, the yellow Baja hath destroyed.
avs.8.6 [0800612] All those who cannot bear the Sun who warms us yonder from the sky, Arayas with the smell of goats, malodorous, with bloody mouths, the Makakas we drive afar.

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