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avs.5.7 A charm to deprecate Arati or Malignity
avs.5.7 [0500701] Bring thou to us, bar not the way, Arati! Stay not the guerdon that is being brought us.
avs.5.7 [0500702] The man whom thou preferrest, O Arati, he who prates to us This man of thine, we reverence.
avs.5.7 We seek to win Arati: to Arati be our homage paid.
avs.5.7 All, fain to day to give us gifts, welcome Arati with your love. [p. a163]
avs.5.7 I know thee well, Arati! as oppressor, one who penetrates.
avs.5.7 [0500708] Oft, coming as a naked girl thou hauntest people in their sleep, Baffling the thought, Arati! and the firm intention of a man.
avs.5.7 [0500710] Auspicious, with her golden hue, pillowed on gold, the mighty one To this Arati clad in robes of gold mine homage have I paid.
avs.12.2 As goodly household fire burn up Arati; give this man dawn brighter than all the mornings.

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