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avs.2.2 [0200203] I came, I met these faultless, blameless beings: among the Apsarases was the Gandharva.
avs.2.2 [0200205] Haunters of darkness, shrill in voice, dice lovers, maddeners of the mind To these have I paid homage, the Gandharva s wives, Apsarases.
avs.4.37 A charm against Gandharvas and Apsarases
avs.4.37 [0403702] With thee we scare and drive away Gandharvas and Apsarases.
avs.4.37 [0403703] Let the Apsarases, puffed away, go to the river, to the ford, Guggulu, Pila, Naladi, Aukshagandhi, Pramandini.
avs.4.37 Ye have become attentive since the Apsarases have past away.
avs.4.37 [0403704] Where great trees are, Asvatthas and Nyagrodhas with their leafy crests, There where your swings are green and bright, and lutes and cymbals sound in tune, Ye have become attentive since the Apsarases have past away.
avs.4.37 [0403707] From the Gandharva, dancing near, the lord of the Apsarases, Wearing the tuft of hair, I take all manhood and virility.
avs.4.37 [0403712] Your wives are the Apsarases, and ye, Gandharvas, are their lords.
avs.6.111 [0611104] May the Apsarases release, Indra and Bhaga let thee go.
avs.6.118 [0611801] If we have sinned with both our hands, desiring to take the host of dice for our possession, May both Apsarases to day forgive us that debt, the fiercely conquering, fiercely looking.
avs.6.118 Mind this, ye two Apsarases, Gods Consorts!
avs.6.130 [0613001] This is the Apsarases love spell, the conquering, resistless ones
avs.7.109 [0710902] Bear butter to the Apsarases, O Agni, and to the Dice bear dust and sand and water.
avs.7.109 [0710903] The Apsarases take pleasure in the banquet between the Sun and.
avs.8.5 [0800513] No mortal beings slay him, no Gandharvas, no Apsarases; over all the regions he is king, the man who wears this Amulet.
avs.8.8 [0800815] Gandharvas, and Apsarases, Gods, Serpents, Fathers, Holy Men, Seen and unseen, I send them forth that they may strike this army dead.
avs.8.10 [0801027] She rose approached the Apsarases and Gandharvas.
avs.8.10 That scent supports Apsarases and Gandharvas. He who knows [p. a353] this becomes a meet supporter, and round him ever breathes delicious odour.
avs.9.7 [0900710] Dhatar and Savitar are the two knee bones, the Gandharvas are the legs the Apsarases are bits of the feet, Aditi is the hooves.
avs.11.6 [1100604] Gandharvas and Apsarases; the Asvins, Brahmanaspati, Aryaman, God, by name we call: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.7 [1100727] The Deities, the Fathers, men, Gandharvas, and Apsarases.
avs.11.9 [1100915] Apsarases with dog like mates, and Rupakas, O Arbudi, And her who licks the cup inside, and seeks to wound in ill kept place, All these, O Arbudi, do thou make visible to our enemies and let them look on mists and fog.
avs.11.9 [1100924] Tall trees, and those who live in woods, the herbs and creeping plants of Earth, Gandharvas, and Apsarases, Snakes,
avs.12.1 growing herbs and plants and waters carry, Shared by Apsarases, shared by Gandharvas therewith make thou me sweet: let no man hate me.
avs.12.1 [1200150] Gandharvas and Apsarases, Kimidins, and malignant sprites, Pisachas all, and Rakshasas, these keep thou, Earth! afar from us.
avs.14.2 May the divine Apsarases, Gandharvas, all they who are these fruitful trees protectors, Regard this bride with their auspicious, favour, nor harm the nuptial pomp as it advances.
avs.14.2 [1400234] Apsarases rejoice and feast together between the sun and place of sacrificing.
avs.14.2 Go hence to those Apsarases thy consorts.

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