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avs.4.17 loss of kine, With thee, O Apamarga, all this ill we cleanse and wipe away.
avs.4.17 [0401707] Death caused by thirst, death caused by stress of hunger, loss at play with dice, All this, O Apamarga with thine aid we cleanse and wipe away.
avs.4.17 [0401708] The Apamarga is alone the sovran of all Plants that grow.
avs.4.18 [0401807] Let Apamarga sweep away chronic disease and every curse, Sweep sorceresses clean away, and all malignant stingy hags.
avs.4.18 All this, O Apamarga, with thine aid we wipe away from us.
avs.7.65 [0706501] With retroverted fruit hast thou, O Apamarga, sprung and grown.
avs.7.65 [0706502] Whatever evil we have done, whatever vile or sinful act, With thee, O Apamarga, who lookest all ways, we wipe it off.
avs.7.65 [0706503] If with the cripple we have lived, whose teeth are black and nails deformed, With thee, O Apamarga, we wipe all that ill away from us.

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