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avs.2.26 When they have come, Anumati! enclose them.
avs.5.7 [0500704] We, suppliant, call on Bhaga, on Sarasvati, Anumati, Pleasant words have I spoken, sweet as honey is, at invocations of the Gods.
avs.6.11 [0601103] Prajapati, Anumati, Sinivali have ordered it.
avs.7.20 [0702001] Anumati approve to day our sacrifice among the Gods! May Agni bear mine offerings away for me the worshipper.
avs.7.20 [0702002] Do thou, Anumati! approve, and grant us health and happiness.
avs.7.20 [0702004] Thy name is easy to invoke, good leader! approved, Anumati and rich in bounty.
avs.7.20 [0702005] Anumati hath come to this our worship well formed to give good lands and valiant heroes: For her kind care hath blessed us.
avs.7.20 [0702006] Anumati became this All, whatever standeth or walketh, every thing that moveth.
avs.7.20 Regard us, O Anumati, with favour.
avs.9.4 [0900412] The sides must be Anumati s, and both rib pieces Bhaga s share, Of the knee bones hath Mitra said, Both these are mine, and only mine.

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