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avs.1.4 [0100404] Amrit is in the Waters, in the Waters balm.
avs.3.12 Bedew these drinkers with a draught of Amrit.
avs.3.13 Even then I think I am enjoying Amrit, what time I drink my fill of you, gold coloured!
avs.3.30 Even as the Gods who watch and guard the Amrit, at morn and eve may ye be kindly hearted.
avs.4.7 Therein hath Amrit been infused: with that I ward thy poison off.
avs.4.9 Thou knowest, too, of Amrit, thou art the delight of all who live, a jaundice curing balm art thou.
avs.4.15 [0401510] May he who hath become the plants high regent, suiting our bodies, Agni of the Waters, May Jatavedas send us rain from heaven, Amrit and vital breath to earthly creatures.
avs.4.26 [0402604] Ye who maintain Amrit and sacrifices, ye who support rivers and human beings, To me, O Heaven and Earth, be ye auspicious, Deliver us, ye twain, from grief and trouble.
avs.4.35 [0403506] From which, matured, sprang Amrit into being, which hath become Gayatris lord and ruler, In which the perfect Vedas have been treasured, I with this Odana will conquer Mrityu,
avs.5.30 Thou knowest Amrit: let him not go hence, nor dwell in house of clay.
avs.6.46 [0604601] Thou, neither quick nor dead, O Sleep, art fraught with Amrit of the Gods.
avs.6.121 Send Amrit hither, let it come freeing the captive from his bonds!
avs.8.7 [0800712] Sweet is their root, sweet are these Plants top branches, sweet also is their intermediate portion; Sweet is their foliage, and sweet their blossom, combined with sweetness is their taste of Amrit: food, fatness let them yield, with kine preceding.
avs.9.1 All living creatures welcome it with joyful hearts, fraught with the store of Amrit it hath gathered up.
avs.9.1 Whence comes the Honey whip bestowing bounty, there Vital Spirit is, and Amrit treasured.
avs.9.1 [0900104] Daughter of Vasus, mother of Adityas, centre of Amrit breath of living creatures.
avs.18.1 the car of Amrit.
avs.18.4 The worlds of Svarga shall, filled full of Amrit, yield food and power to him who sacrificeth. [p. 202]
avs.18.4 [1800439] Giving the son and grandson satisfaction, let these the present Waters full of sweetness, Pouring forth food and Amrit for the Fathers, refresh both these and those, the Goddess Waters.

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