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avs.3.13 [0301301] As ye, when Ahi had been slain, flowed forth together with a roar, So are ye called the Roaring Ones: this, O ye Rivers, is your name.
avs.4.24 [0402406] Why was born, first, for active operation, whose valour as the first hath been awakened, Who raised his bolt when he encountered Ahi.
avs.20.7 [2000702] Him who with might of both his arms brake nine and ninety castles down, Slew Vritra and smote Ahi dead.
avs.20.30 That iron bolt with yellow jaw smote Ahi down.
avs.20.91 [2009112] Indra with mighty strength hath cleft asunder the head of Arbuda the watery monster, Slain Ahi, and set free the Seven Rivers.

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