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avs.1.9 May the Adityas and the Visve Devas set and support him in supremest lustre. [p. a10]
avs.1.30 Over him keep ye watch and ward, Adityas.
avs.2.12 [0201204] Together with thrice eighty Sama singers, Angirases, and Vasus, and Adityas, May the felicity of the Fathers guard us.
avs.3.8 [0300803] Soma I call, and Savitar with homage, and all the Adityas in the time of contest. [p. a74] Long may this fire send forth its splendour, lighted by kinsmen uttering no word against me.
avs.3.20 hymn, The Adityas, Vishnu, Surya, and the Brahman priest Brihaspati.
avs.3.27 [0302701] Agni is regent of the East, its warder is Asita, the Adityas are the arrows.
avs.4.30 [0403001] I travel with the Rudras and the Vasus, with the Adityas and All Gods I wander.
avs.5.3 [0500309] Lord of the world, Creator and Disposer, may the God Savitar who quells assailants, May the Adityas, Rudras, both the Asvins, Gods, guard the sacrificer from destruction.
avs.5.3 [0500310] Let those who are our foemen stay afar from us: with Indra and with Agni we will drive them off. [p. a158] The Adityas and the Rudras, over us on high, have made me strong, a thinker, and a sovran lord.
avs.5.28 [0502804] Enrich this charm, Adityas, with your treasure; magnify this, when magnified, O Agni.
avs.6.68 One minded let Adityas, Rudras, Vasus moisten the hair: shave ye who know King Soma.
avs.6.74 [0607403] As, free from jealousy, the strong Adityas have been the Vasus and the Rudras fellows.
avs.6.114 Therefrom do ye deliver us, Adityas! by the right of Law.
avs.6.114 [0611402] Here set us free, O holy ones, Adityas, by the right of Law.
avs.7.7 Praise of the Adityas
avs.8.1 [0800116] Let not the fiend with snapping jaws, nor darkness find thee: tongue, holy grass: how shouldst thou perish? May the Adityas and the Vasus, Indra and Agni raise thee and to health restore thee.
avs.8.8 One pole the Rudras carry, one the Vasus, and the Adityas one.
avs.9.1 [0900104] Daughter of Vasus, mother of Adityas, centre of Amrit breath of living creatures.
avs.9.4 [0900413] The Adityas claim the hinder parts, the loins must be Brihaspati s.
avs.10.7 [1000722] Who out of many, tell me, is that Skambha [p. 23] In whom Adityas dwell, in whom Rudras and Vasus are contained, In whom the future and the past and all the worlds are firmly set;
avs.10.9 [1000908] The Vasus from the South will be thy guards, the Maruts from the North, Adityas from the West; overtake and pass the Agnishtoma, thou!
avs.10.9 [1000910] The man who pays the Hundredfold Oblation winneth all the worlds, Air, heaven, and earth, Adityas, and Maruts, and regions of the sky.
avs.10.10 [1001009] When, Holy One, thou camest nigh invited by the Adityas call, Indra gave thee to drink, O cow, a thousand bowls of Soma juice.
avs.11.6 [1100605] This word of ours to Day and Night, and to the Sun and Moon we speak, All the Adityas we address: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.11.6 [1100613] Adityas, Rudra, Vasus, Gods aloft in heaven, Atharvan s sons, The sages, sons of Angiras: may they deliver us from woe.
avs.12.2 [1200206] Again have the Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, the Brahman, bringer of good things, O Agni, Again hath Brahmanaspati disposed thee for long life lasting through a hundred autumns.
avs.12.3 Adityas and Angirases pursue him!
avs.12.3 [1200344] This meath do I announce, mingled with butter, to the Angirases and the Adityas.
avs.13.3 [1300317] He beside whom his bay steeds bear the Adityas, by whom as sacrifice go many knowing.
avs.14.1 By Law the Adityas stand secure, and Soma holds his place in heaven.
avs.14.1 [1400102] By Soma are the Adityas strong, by Soma mighty is the earth: Thus Soma in the lap of all these constellations hath his home.
avs.15.2 The Brihat, the Rathantara, the Adityas and all the Gods followed him.
avs.15.2 That man is alienated from the Brihat, the Rathantara, the Adityas, and all Gods who reviles the Vratya who possesses this knowledge.
avs.15.2 He who hath this knowledge becomes the beloved home of the Brihat, the Rathantara the Adityas, and all the Gods.
avs.15.4 [1500406] They made the two Dewy months his protectors from the region of the zenith, and Heaven and the Adityas superintendents.
avs.18.3 Adityas, Sacirifical Posts exalt me! May Indra balm my hands with strength and splendour.
avs.18.3 [1800327] From westward Aditi was Adityas save me! etc.
avs.18.4 By those same pathways go thou up to Svarga where the Adityas take their fill of sweetness, There make thy home in the third vault of heaven,
avs.18.4 [1800408] The Angirases pathway is the eastern Agni, the Adityas path way is the Garhapatya: The southward Agni is the way of Southerns.
avs.19.9 [1900910] Kind be the Powers who seize the Moon, with Rahu be Adityas kind! Favour us Death and Cornet, and Rudras with penetrating.
avs.19.9 [1900911] Rudras and Vasus favour us, Adityas, Agnis favour us! Favour us mighty Rishis, Gods, Goddesses, and Brihaspati! [1900912] Brahma, Dhatar, Prajapati, Worlds, Vedas, Agnis, Rishis Seven. [p. 220] All these have blessed my happy way.
avs.19.10 [1901006] Be the God Indra with the Vasus friendly, and with Adityas Varuna who blesseth.
avs.19.11 [1901104] So may the Rudras, Vasus, and Adityas accept the new hymn we now are making.
avs.19.13 [1901310] Ours be the potent host of mighty Indra, King Varuna, and Maruts and Adityas.
avs.19.16 [1901602] May the Adityas from the sky protect me, Agni from the earth. [p. 226] May Indra Agni guard me from the eastward, on all sides may the Asvins give me shelter.
avs.19.17 [1901704] Varuna with Adityas guard me from this region! To him etc.
avs.19.18 [1901804] Let those who vex me from this quarter, sinners, praise Varuna connected with Adityas.
avs.19.39 [1903905] Born thrice from the Adityas, thrice from Bhrigus, thrice from Angiras sons, born from the Visve Devas thrice, [p. 243] Healer of every malady, that Kushtha stands by Soma s side.
avs.19.56 Urged by command of Varuna the Adityas, Heroes, transported Sleep to Trita Aptya.
avs.20.63 Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our offspring, let Indra form to gether with the Adityas.
avs.20.63 [2006302] With the Adityas with the band of Maruts, may Indra be pro tector of our bodies; As when the Gods came, after they had slaughtered the Asuras,.
avs.20.124 Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our offspring shall Indra form together with the Adityas.
avs.20.124 [2012405] With the Adityas, with the band of Maruts, may Indra be pro tector of our bodies.
avs.20.135 [2013506] O singer, the Adityas brought rich guerdon to the Angirases.
avs.20.135 [2013509] Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, all pay worship unto thee.
avs.20.141 [2014102] Whatever with Indra ye be faring, Asvins, or resting in one dwelling place with Vayu, In concord with the Ribhus or Adityas, or standing still in Vishnu s striding places.

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