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avs.4.39 [0403906] Heaven is the Cow, her calf Aditya.
avs.5.21 [0502110] Aditya, take their sight away! Follow them close, ye motes of light.
avs.6.52 [0605201] Slaying the Rakshasas, the Sun mounts upward in the front of heaven, Aditya, from the mountains, seen of all, destroying things unseen.
avs.7.83 So before Aditi may we be sinless under thy favouring auspices, Aditya!
avs.10.8 greet the sage who knows the Veda, One and all, verily discuss Aditya, the second Agni, and the threefold Hansa.
avs.11.9 [1100925] High sway have Maruts, and the God Aditya, Brahmanaspati, High sway have Indra, Agni, and Dilator, Mitra, Prajapati, High sway have Rishis given to you, showing upon our enemies where thou, O Arbudi, hast pierced.
avs.11.10 [1101004] Omniscient Aditya, make full many a corpse to disappear.
avs.11.10 [1101011] The Gods enjoyed Trishandhi for the sake of energy and power, Him under whose protection, both, Indra and yon Aditya stand.
avs.11.10 Let Indra break their arms away: no power to lay the shaft be theirs! Aditya utterly destroy their missile! Chandramas bar the path of him who lingers!
avs.12.3 [1200355] To the eastern region, to Agni the Regent, to Asita the Protector, Aditya the Archer, we present thee, this offering of ours.
avs.13.2 The glorification of the Sun as Aditya, Surya and Rohita
avs.13.2 [1300201] Radiant, refulgent in the sky are reared the banners of his light, Aditya s, who beholdeth man, mighty in act and bountiful.
avs.13.2 This is Aditya, thy transcendent glory, that thou alone art born through all creation.
avs.13.2 Rising with banners, conquering the regions, thou sendest light through all the floods, Aditya.
avs.13.2 [1300229] Verily, Surya, thou art great: truly, Aditya, thou art great.
avs.13.2 Great is thy grandeur, Mighty One: thou, O Aditya, thou art great.
avs.15.10 [1501011] Who knows that Aditya is Royalty and that Heaven is Indra.
avs.15.15 [1501504] His second vital breath, called Mature, is that Aditya.
avs.17.1 [1700124] With all his fiery fervour this Aditya hath gone up on high, Giving my foes into my hand.
avs.17.1 [1700125] Thou for our weal, Aditya, hast mounted thy ship with hundred oars.
avs.18.4 Then under thy protection, O Aditya, may we be sinless and restored to freedom.
avs.20.58 [2005803] Verily, Surya, thou art great; truly, Aditya, thou art great.

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