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Ufo Case Files Of Russia is a book authored by the Russian UFOlogist Paul Stonehill and the British UFOlogist Philip Mantle. This book introduces the UFO phenomena of the most important cases, observations, and sightings. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA endeavours to describe efforts of those dedicated researchers who have stubbornly pursued UFO research in the Russian Empire, the USSR, and modern Russia.

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Ancient-astronaut theory is gaining prominence due to the combined analysis of ancient literature in various ancient civilizations of the world including that of the Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Mesopotamian, Greek, Asteks and Mayans. This book however is not directly dealing with ancient-astronaut theory. It instead discusses several paranormal incidents as they occurred and what the witnesses or those who studied about these incidents did about them, thought about them and/or concluded about them. Yet it gives several starting-points leading to the question of ancient astronaut presence or on the question of technological excellence of the ancient world that they developed by their own or by the influence of the ancient aliens. What got my attention in this book, relevant to the study of ancient India and the strange narrations in Mahabharata is the following passages. These are published here with the permission of Paul Stonehill:-


The Golden Woman

The initial chapters of the book deals with ancient Russia and incidents happened in those periods which modern UFO researchers would classify as UFO or alien encounters. Here is mentioned about a statue of the Golden woman who is associated with ancient Sumerian and Indian civilizations.

The Space Rocket with Sanskrit Inscriptions in the cockpit

Page 44:- In the 90s of the 20th century the outstanding archeologist V.Khvoika gained fame through the discovery of the ancient Trypillian culture in Ukraine. He found a "Space Rocket". The object was removed, cut into several pieces and placed in trucks. Strange writings were discovered in the "cockpit" of the space rocket. The language was Sanskrit, an ancient language of India. The Soviets were able to solve some of the secrets of the rocket ship and it helped them when they were in the process of building their own space technologies.

Page 45:- Could we surmise that if the object discovered and excavated in Kiev in 1948 was an ancient Indian space rocket? There was yet another mention of a strange archeological discovery in Kiev. This time a chest containing five hundred books written in Arabic, Greek, Sanskrit and Slavic languages.

The Three Eyed Alien

Page 86:- As part of some strange events recorded in September 27, 1989 in Voronezh a crown that had gathered there saw a "three-eyed alien" through an open hatch of a flying UFO (a red balls some 10 yards in diameter). The alien was about 10 feet tall, in silvery overalls, bronze colored boots and wearing a disk on his chest.

The dark skinned strangers (Hindus? Aliens?) who arrived in a craft

Page 104:- The strangers arrived in a craft that was shaped like an arrowhead of large dimensions. There were three of them, all of whom were described as dark skinned people… Were these strangers Hindus or aliens from outer space? It is possible for Hindus to travel to Russia over mountains at an altitude of seven kilometers… Apparently the craft did not have an engine and used no fuel. Thus air currents apparently moved it.


Page 108: The UFO flew towards Astrakhan (This city has a Sanskrit etymology:- Astra-khani, the place where the Astras or arrows are stored!)

Aircraft coated with silver-colored fabric like in an ancient Vimana

Page 141: The aircraft was spherical and had a diameter of about seven meters. It had a small, drop-like cockpit, four tall legs with tiny wheels. The aircraft's hull was either made from metal or covered with silver-colored fabric. (The descriptions of Vimanas in ancient Indian texts mentions that some Vimanas are spherical and are coated with silver)

Ancient electronics or ancient nano-tech?

Page 151: The fragments showed that the UFO consisted of unusual elements. They resembled electroinc boards of modern TV sets except that their elements consisted of atoms and molecules skillfully "mounted" on silica base. (ancient Nano-technology?)

Mention of submerged cities like that of the Nivata Kavachas

Page 176: They discovered three human skeletons each more than three meters tall. The skeletons were adored with decorations that looked like bats made from silver. There is a Kirgiz legend about a submerged city in the Issik Kul Lake (Kyrgistan) a deep water lake in Transiliysk Ala Tau area. Also observed in Trans-Baikal and western Siberian regions. (Mahabharat mentions about the submerged city of Nivatakavachas)

Mention about exotic materials

Page 198: The balls had a metallic sheen and possessed of structures resembling crystalline and would not be dissolved in any acid

Deva-like ancient tribe in China?

Page 201: Mysteries of the Ural mountains:- In the 1980s perfectly preserved 3000 years old mummies began appearing in a remote Chines desert. They had long reddish-blond hair, European features and didn't appear to be ancestors of th modern-day Chinese people. Archeologists now think that they may have been the people of an ancient civilization that existed at the crossroads between China and Europe perhaps even the southern Ural steppes.

(Are these the Devas or the Gandharvas mentioned in Mahabharata) ?. My analysis shows that the Devas and Asuras were the first advanced civilization that developed on the banks of Saraswati river of North-Western India, who later migrated northwards along the Sindhu and Saraswati rivers to Tibet and settled there. They were in search of colder climatic conditions which receded from the Saraswati basin but was available in southern Tibet due to the decline of the last ice age (10,000 BC to 8000 BC). Later they might have spread from southern Tibet to northern China where these old mummies are found with Caucasian features. This implies that the Deva-Asura tribe were the forerunners of the ancient Central Asian and European tribes.)

Asura like tribes who lived in Patala (underground cities)

Page 201-202: Udmurts (oldest eastern-Finnish people in the north west woodland Urals) who were also known as ari, arsk, or as chud. The chuds were also mentioned as strange dark skinned tribe with secret-powers, who lived in the bowels of earth where they built underground cities. (Mahabharata mentions about underground cities of the Nagas and Asuras in Patala. Are these people the Asuras or the Nagas who lived in Patala?)

The lake named Narada and its mysteries

Page 207: Thousands of strange mostly spiral-shaped objects has been found in 1991-1993 by gold prospectors on the small river Narada on the eastern side of the Urals. (Narada is an ancient globe-trotting traveler sage mentioned in Mahabharata. Strange that there is a river by that name in Russia. Equally intriguing is the spiral-shaped objects.)

Anomalous regions with time dilation

Page 216: In Barsa-Kelms Island there is an anomalous region where some members spent half an hour in a 'white fog" but upon return found out they were missing a day

Anomalous regions with space-time portals

Page 219: The natives of Priamurije have legends that describe heavens opening "doors" between different worlds. The worlds are located in the "outer original world", "underground" and in the "Great Beyond". (Sounds like the space-time portals towards the-fourteen-worlds mentioned in the Puranas). They also describe about aircrafts and believe that "flying saucers" are nothing but the ships of the "Sovereigns of the Thunder" (An allusion to Indra the lord of Thunder?)

River Angara

Page 221: Such anomalies (eg:- Devil's Cemetry) are also found in a river named Kova, the tributary of the Angara river. (This river name seems to have a Sanskrit etymology. Angara means 'glowing red'. The word also seems to be the basis for the English word 'anger'. When one is angry, ones face turns red. A Gandharva in Mahabharata is named AngaraParna, the Gandharva with red hair. Similarly the red-planet Mars is named Angaraka. It will be interesting to know if this Russian river is red in color.

Levitating shaman and iron clothings, ancient astronauts?

Page 227: Legends around a lake in Chukotka includes mention about a shaman capable of levitation. From the descriptions he is mentioned as dressed in what modern observers could recognize as space-suits. (A case for the ancient-astronaut theory.)

Page 231: Another legend in Yakutia (Shaka) mentions about "very skinny black one-eyed people in iron clothing" (Similarly a case for the ancient astronaut theory.)

Mammoths as late as 1000 BC

Page 233: Here there is a mention of remains of a mammoth dated to 3000 years ago where as it is generally assumed that they became extinct before 10,000 years ago. (Rig Vedic Indra is assumed to have tamed some four tusked mammoth which the Puranas describe as Airavata, since they are found in the snow covered Airavata regions)

Celestial Music of the Gandharvas?

Page 284: Here we see description of strange beings of gigantic size over Mongolia and about the observation of listening to sweet music that is "not of this earth" (Celestial music of the Gandharvas?)

Devas in near-Earth outer-space?

Page 288: Cosmonauts saw that aliens left there space ship without any protective suits and seemingly had no breathing apparatuses. They floated next into their space-craft and later floated further away. (Are these the Gaganachari (space traveling) Devas?)

The Seven Sages?

Page 289: Here there is mention of the seven gigantic shapes or the seven heavenly angels (Sapta-rshis, Hepta-rshis) or the seven sages?)

The Number of UFO incidents per year

Page 321-322: Here there is mention about the magnitude of UFO landings (several million in the last ten years, 5500 plus people possibly abducted by UFOs.

Other interesting narrations

Page 282-283: Here is described the observation of two gigantic waves which ascended from Indian ocean and crashed onto each other as observed by Soviet cosmonauts from outer space. There is also mention of some magical clouds at an altitude of 70-90 kilometers made of exotic materials.

Page 238: Here strange incidents happening in Ayuta mines are mentioned. (Ayuta means 'ten thousand' in Sanskrit)

Page 249: Here is described the discovery of the ruins of an ancient-observatory in the Kola Peninsula


What I listed above is only a few interesting extracts from the book. Interested readers are recommended to read the book which contains a deeper analysis of each of these topics brushed up here. Ancient astronaut theory or paleo-ufology is gaining prominence due to numerous investigations by ufologists worldwide. Astronomical findings of several planets beyond solar system has strengthened the possibility of universe being teamed with hospitable planets like Earth that can support life and especially intelligent life forms similar to human beings. This is a long way forward from 15 years back when planets beyond solar system existed only in theory or in the realm of scientific speculation.

Besides this many files and information dealing with ufology and about alien presence on Earth, shrouded in mystery due to military entanglements or due to some state secrecy of various world governments are now being declassified and made available to the general public thanks to the tireless works of ufologists and like minded people in the institutions dealing with these information. Hence there is a lot of interest and awareness among people on this enigmatic subject that has a profound influence on human understanding.

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