Samaveda Rigveda Noun Comparison

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Below are two tables that compares the nouns in Sama Veda and Rig Veda. Such a comparison is meaningful since almost all of the Sama Veda is a re-rendering of Rig Veda focusing on melody and ease of recitation.

Sama Veda Nouns not found in Rig Veda


Sama Veda nouns found in Rig Veda

Spelling variations when Sanskrit words are translated to English are taken into account

Adhvaryu Adhvaryu
Adhvaryus Adhvaryus
Aditi Aditi
Aditya Aditya
Adityas Adityas
Agni Agni
Ahi Ahi
Akhandala Akhandala
Amrit Amrit
Amrita Amrit
Anava Anava
Anavas Anava
Anger Anger
Angiras Angiras
Angirasas Angirases
Ansumati Amsumati
Apnavana Apnavana
Arjikas Arjikas
Arya Arya
Aryam Arya
Aryaman Aryaman
Aryas Aryas
Asura Asura
Asuras Asuras
Asva Asva
Asvins Asvins
Atharvan Atharvan
Atharvans Atharvans
Aurva Aurva Bhrgu
Ayu Ayu
Bards Bards
Bhaga Bhaga
Bharadvaja Bharadvaja
Bharatas Bharatas
Bhrigu Bhrgu
Bird Bird
Brahman Brahman
Brahmanaspati Brahmanaspati
Brahmans Brahmans
Brihaspati Brhaspati
Brihati Brhati
Buffaloes Buffalo
Bull Bull
Child Child
Children Children
Companions Companions
Conquest Conquest
Creatures Creatures
Dadhikravan Dadhikravan
Dadhyach Dadhyach
Dame Dame
Dames Dames
Dasa Dasa
Dasas Dasas
Dasyu Dasyu
Dasyus Dasyus
Dawns Dawns
Day Day
Dhvasra Dhvasra
Divodasa Divodasa
Dragon Dragon
Dread Dread
Drops Drops
Dwellings Dwelling
Dyaus Dyaus
Earth Earth
Etasa Etasa
Etasas Etasas
Evayamarut Evayamarut
Falcon Falcon
Fiend Fiend
Fleet Fleet
Floods Floods
Foe Foe
Force Force
Fortune Fortune
Friends Friends
Gandharva Gandharva
Gayatra Gayatri
Glory Glory
Goddesses Goddesses
Gold Gold
Gopavana Gopavana
Guide Guide
Hawk Hawk
Health Health
Heart Heart
Heat Heat
Hero Hero
Homestead Homestead
Hymns Hymns
Indra Indra
Indu Indu
Jamadagni Jamadagni
Jatavedas Jatavedas
Kadru Kadru
Kanva Kanva
Kanvas Kanvas
Kasyapa Kasyapa
King King
Kings Kings
Krivi Krivi
Kripa Krpa
Kundapayya Kundapayya
Lady Lady
Law Law
Light Light
Lord Lord
Lords Lords
Love Love
Maghavan Maghavan
Maid Maid
Makha Makha
Manu Manu
Manus Manus
Marut Marut
Maruts Maruts
Matarisvan Matarisvan
Meath Meath
Medhyatithi Medhyatithi
Men Men
Mitra Mitra
Mitras Mitra
Moon Moon
Mornings Mornings
Nahus Nahus
Nahusha Nahusa
Nahushas Nahusas
Namuchi Namuci
Naught Naught
Nigh Nigh
Night Night
Oblation Oblation
Oblations Oblations
Ocean Ocean
Oil Oil
Order Order
Panis Panis
Parjanya Parjanya
Parvata Parvata
Pashan Pusan
Pavamana Pavamana
Pavamanas Pavamanas
Prayer Prayer
Prayers Prayers
Priest Priest
Prisana Prsana
Priya Priyamedha
Priyamedha Priyamedha
Priyamedhas Priyamedhas
Prosperity Prosperity
Puruhanman Puruhanman
Purumilha Purumilha
Purusbanti Purusanti
Pusan Pusan
Pushan Pusan
Rain Rain
Rakshasa Raksasa
Rakshasas Raksasas
Ram Ram
Rasa Rasa
Rays Rays
Ribhus Rbhus
Richas Rcas
Rijisvan Rjisvan
Riksha Rksa
Rishi Rsi
Rishihood Rsihood
Rishis Rsis
Rudra Rudra
Rudras Rudras
Ruma Ruma
Rusama Rusama
Sabardugha Sabardugha
Sage Sage
Sages Sages
Sakra Sakra
Sama Sama
Sambara Sambara
Sarasvan Sarasvan
Sarasvati Sarasvati
Saryanavan Saryanavan
Satakratu Satakratu
Satyasravas Satyasravas
Savitar Savitar
Sara Sara
Seasons Seasons
Seat Seat
Sindhu Sindhu
Sipivishta Sipivista
Sire Sire
Sky Sky
Sobhari Sobhari
Soma Soma
Somas Somas
Son Son
Song Song
Songs Songs
Sovran Sovran
Speech Speech
Sringavrish Srngavrs
Srutakaksha Now Srutakaksa
Srutarvan Srutarvan
Steed Steed
Stone Stone
Stream Stream
Streams Streams
Strength Strength
Sudaksha Sudaksa
Sun Sun
Sunitha Sunitha Sucadratha
Sunrita Sunrta
Sura Sura
Surya Surya
Svitar Svitra
Syavaka Syavaka
Tanunapat Tanunapat
Tarkshya Tarksya
Thunder Thunder
Tiraschi Tirasci
Trikadrukas Trikadrukas
Trishtup Tristup
Trita Trita
Truth Truth
Tugriya Tugrya
Turvasa Turvasa
Tvashtar Tvastar
Upastutas Upastutas
Usana Usana
Vaisvanara Vaisvanara
Vala Vala
Varuna Varuna
Vashat Vasat
Vasishtha Vasistha
Vasishthas Vasisthas
Vasu Vasu
Vasus Vasus
Vata Vata
Vatsa Vatsa
Vayu Vayu
Vayya Vayya
Vena Vena
Viavasvan Vivasvan
Viraj Viraj
Vishnu Visnu
Visvakarman Visvakarman
Visvedevas Visvedevas
Vivasvan Vivasvan
Voices Voices
Votaries Votaries
Vrishagnas Vrsaganas
Vritra Vritra
Vritras Vritra
Vyasva Vyasva
Waters Waters
Wealth Wealth
Wishan Visanins
Words Words
Yadu Yadu
Yama Yama
Yati Yatis
Yatudhana Yatudhana
Daughter Daughter
Father Father
Fathers Fathers
Hotar Hotar
Mothers Mothers
Potar Potar
Sisters Sisters
Black Black
Brown Brown Soma
Green Green
Red Red

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