Rigveda And Avesta The Final Evidence

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The Rigveda And Avesta: The Final Evidence

The Rigveda And Avesta The Final Evidence is the latest book by Shrikant Talageri. His two older books AIT a Reappraisal (1993) and Rigveda: A Historical Analysis (2000), created ripples in Indo European Studies. In His new book, Talageri does a comparative analysis of the Indic text Rigveda and the Iranian text Avesta to give the final evidence for the Out Of India theory of origin of the Indo European language family, which includes English, German, Greek and other European languages along with Indian languages like Hindi, Bangali etc. He also tries to provide an absolute chronology of Rigveda using the Mitanni evidence.

Using this new book, Shrikant Talageri tears down the ill conceived Aryan Invasion / Aryan Migration Theory which dominates the intellectual arena of Indo European and Indology studies as per which Vedic civilization was established by Indo European migrants who reached the north western India from their homeland in central Asia in around 1800 BCE to 1500 BCE.

Talageri's analysis rejects this above mentioned AIT theory completely with solid evidence based on Rigveda and using the analysis of AIT proponents like Michael Witzel themselves which they developed in support of their own views. Based on the Talageri's analysis, it becomes clear that the early period of Rigvede cannot be late than 4000 BCE and the late periods cannot be late than 2500 BCE. In the early period, the Rigvedic culture was located to the east of Sarasvati river along the banks of Yamuna and Ganga and in the late period they have spread to the west in Punjab and Eastern Afganistan. As a consequence of this, the Indo European language family had its homeland in India, precisely in northern India from there they migrated to their historically attested locations in Iran, Central Asia and Europe in successive migrations to the west and north.

Talageri identifies the Purus mentioned in the Sanskrit texts as the Indo Aryans, a term used in the Indo European studies. He identifies the Drahyus and the Anus, the sibling branches of the Purus who migrated north westwards with the Iranians and Indo Europeans who later settled in Iran, Central Asia and Europe.

PDF Version of the Book

AncientVoice is happy to announce that a PDF version of the book: The Rigveda and Avesta: The Final Evidence is available for free download with permission from the author Shrikant G Talageri.

YouTube Video of Shrikant Talageri's talk

As an introduction to this book, a YouTube video of Shrikant Talageri's talk is hosted below. This video discusses the topics covered in Shrikant Talageri's books.

Talageri's Books

Talageri's last two books (Rigveda: A Historical Analysis and Rigveda and Avesta:The final evidence) are available for free reading. Click on the buttons in the widget below to read the free online version or to buy them from online stores.

Talageri's Presentations on the flaws of AIT

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Talageri's Presentations on OIT

OIT: Out of India Theory

  1. The Out of India Theory 1 - Chronology of the Rigveda - PDF
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