Maya Chola Connection

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This article is a part of a series of articles on individuals described in the Vedas, Epics and Puranas, with the name 'Maya' and related concepts like 'Maaya'. Their connection with the Meso American Mayans too is explored in detail. Read the main article:- Danava Maya and Mayans of America

Maya Chola Connection

We have already seen (see:- danava-maya-and-mayans-of-america) that Maya is mentioned in Silappatikaram as the architect of many architectural structures found in Chola kingdom. Thus Indian Mayans and Cholas are inseparably linked. Cholan language is a prominent language spoken by the Meso American Mayans. Thus we see a Cholan-Mayan connection in Meso America as well. It is not a coincidence that the name of the dominant language spoken by Mayans of Meso America bear the name of this dominant southern kingdom of ancient India by the name Chola. The kings of Chola country assumed the title 'Cholan' (alternatively 'Chozhan'). Their capital was the city named Puhaar (alternatively Pukaar, Kaveri-pum-pattanam, Pum-Puhaar etc). It was situated at the mouth of river Kaveri in Tamilnadu state of India, a southern state. Cholan territory extended along the northern shores of Kaveri and spread further to northern Tamilnadu.

During their golden periods the Cholans ruled whole of eastern Indian sea shore up to Ganga river in the north. They were also the foremost naval power in Indian Ocean. Cholan kings had fleets of giant ships each of them capable of carrying 500 people. They were protected by strong Navi. In these ships trade goods of various kinds were transported across Indian Ocean to Chola kingdom as well as to South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra, Java), Papua-New-Guinea, Philippines and China. They established many historical kingdoms in South East Asia.

Indirect evidence points that they went further east from South East Asia following the equator, reaching South America and Meso America. Thus their culture spread to Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

Maya's Underground Cave Network in Chola Kingdom

We have also seen that the Maya's Underground Cave Networks inside of which he constructed underground buildings and dwelling places (much like the Maayns of Meso America), described extensively in Ramayana (see:- maya-in-ramayana) and Mahabharata (see:- maya-in-mahabharata) begins at the interlocked mountains (Giri-jaala) starting at Vellore in northern Tamilnadu. It passes through Selam, Madurai and reach up to Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India from where Indian Ocean and Malaya Mountains (southern parts of Western Ghats in Kerala-Tamilnadu boarder) can be seen. With this geography, the northern parts of Maya's underground cave network lies in the Chola kingdom (from Vellore up to Selam). This is yet another connection of the Indian Mayans with the Cholans in India itself.

Cholan language of the Meso American Mayans


In the image above, all the language family of Meso American Mayans are explained in detail. In the past Cholan Mayan language was much more widely spoken in Meso America than it is today. These Mayans speaking Cholan language extended from the coastal region of Tabasco along the valley of Usamacinta river to Belize. This is the region were the great classic cities of Maya were built. Most of the inscriptions written in the monuments from the Classic era of Mayans are written in Cholan language. Today two of its sister languages Tzotzil and Tzeltal are spoken around the city of San Cristobal. Despite centuries of exposure to Christianity, people who live here has preserved Mayan traditions. Most of their women continue to wear Mayan national dress with their embroidered dress. Another sister language of Cholan, viz. Chol is used by the Ch'ol people in the Mexican state of Chiapas with two dialects Ch'ol of Tila and Ch'ol of Tumbalá.

Ch'ol along with its two closest relatives the Ch'orti' language of Guatemala and Honduras, and the Chontal Maya language of Tabasco are believed to be the modern languages that best reflect their relationship with the Classic Maya language.

Thus it can be said that there is substantial connections between Cholans of Southern India and the Cholan language of the Mayans.


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Underground Structures in Tamilnadu (Maya's Cavities)

  1. Virinchipuram Temple - possess an underground route to the Vellore Jalagendeswarar temple.
  2. Vilvanatheswarar temple, Thiruvalam - There is an under-ground path, beneath the Bali Peetam.
  3. Vilvanatheswarar temple, Thiruvalam - In the left side outer praharam, there is a underground passage and no one knows where it leads to!

Underground Mayan Structures in Mexico

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Cholan Mayan Language

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