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Several Visitors of this site communicate to me via email. Some of them have given a lot of encouragement and appreciation for me to continue my works in this web-site (AncientVoice) and some among them has contributed many useful documents to me. These documents were developed or collected by them as part of their own research works or studies on Mahabharata and other ancient Indian texts. Some of these are given exclusively for my own analysis and they have not given me permission to publish their contributions in this web-site or in any public domain. Perhaps if I ask, they may give their permission. However since this is not voluntarily given, I am not publishing them. Some others have given voluntary permission for me to use their contribution in any manner I consider them to be useful for me as well as for the general public. Hence I am putting them (documents or links to documents) here so that other visitors in the site may find them useful.

I sincerely thank each and every one of them for their contributions.

Below are some of the contributions:-

Krishna the Supreme Mystic

Sri Amal Bhakta, has provided with me a signed copy of his famous book "The Supreme Mystic" about the childhood life of Sri Krishna. I thank him wholeheartedly for this wonderful book. He is one among the foremost disciples of Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKON. He do a great deal of research into any literary works that he does and present it to the western audience who are very much interested in analyzing every minute detail of the subject of study. He had several interactions with me for his upcoming books and found some information in this web site very useful. I wish his endeavor for a historically accurate narration of the life of Krishna and other contemporaries of his time as described in Mahabharata to be successful. These would be greatly useful for the western audience who want to know about Krishna and Mahabharata in minutest details.

After some time, I plan to publish the conversations with Sri Amal on various topics, due to the value it could give to other visitors of this site, who all have the same inquisitive nature and the quest to learn more about various topics related to Mahabharata and also due to my inability to answer and satisfy the quest of each of the valuable visitors of this web-site, through email.

Below is the link to the web site directly maintained by Sri Amal Bhakta:-
Below is another article discussing Sri Amal Bhakta, I chanced to glance upon :-

Chandra-Vamsa Family Tree in English

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This document describes the lineage of the Lunar Dynasty (Chandra Vamsa) and shows the relationship of the Pandavas and Krishna very clearly.

This document is contributed by Dr. VK Balakrishnan, USA. He is the professor of Mathematics at the University of Maine. He has written many books on Mathematics and Mahabharata. Some of his books include:-

  1. Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
  2. The Complete Mahabharata in A Nutshell

His works are available at

It is learned that he is the brother of late VK Madhavankutti (who was honoured with the Sahitya Akademi Award and Padmashree(2002) by the Government of India)

Below is a widget where you can preview Dr. Balakrishnan's book on Mahabharata. I am not sure if this will work in your browser.

Chandra Vamsa Family Tree in German / English

  1. Lunar Dynasty Family Tree In German - (Monddynasti-Stammbaum: Übersicht über die Hauptgruppierungen im Mahabharata;- Lunar Dynasty-Family-Tree: Overview of main groupings in the Mahabharata)

This document is contributed by Jens Grünewald and Undine Weltsch, the two German researchers on Mahabharata, who have been translating the Ramayana and Mahabharata from English into German for the last few years.

Their work in progess Mahabharata Translation in German is available at:-

A Book, Describing Sanskrit artifacts in Russia

  1. UFO Case Files of Russia

Paul Stonehill is a writer, researcher, lecturer born in Ukrain. With his Russian cultural background, he has studied about Ancient-India, as a student of Ivan Yefremov's philosophy. After finding AncientVoice site interesting, he gifted me one of his books titled 'The UFO Case Files of Russia'. This book contains few amazing passages describing several artifacts having a Sanskrit or Ancient Indian origin found in various parts of Russia. He considers it as part of the ancient-UFO phenomenon found world wide.

I have created a review article for this book from the point of view of a Mahabharata Researcher. The article can be read here:- ufo-case-files-of-russia.

I guess this book will also be interesting for Mahabharata Researchers or those who are interested in the ancient cultures world wide or in ancient astronaut theory. Some of my friends, some of them researchers themselves, usually write off UFOlogy or Ancient Astronaut Theory as pure fiction. However consider the amount of information unearthed on UFO related activities every day. Consider the fact that our knowledge of the universe is very limited. Consider the fact that what we see and hear is only a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum and the sound spectrum respectively. Consider also the fact that the number of planets discovered out of Solar System is ever increasing. The possibility of directly encountering intelligent alien civilizations is ever increasing. Hence I have not given up serious following of this field.

Membership in Guruvayoor Temple Devotees Group

  1. Guruvayur Devotees Group

After reading the articles on Krishna and my analysis of the Historical aspects of Krishna in AncientVoice site, Sri Balagopal Ramakrishnan invited me to be part of the Guruvayoor Devotees Group. I accepted it wholeheartedly. The Guruvayoor temple in Kerala, India is a famous temple dedicated to Krishna. Especially, the infant form of Krishna, Bala-Krishna, is revered in this temple with great devotion. Since my childhood, I am a devotee of Krishna, whom I consider as my invisible friend who comes to me whenever I remember him. When I was around 7 years of age, for no fault of my parents, I had to sleep alone. Then I felt the presence of Krishna besides me and I felt I had good company. Around the same age, during a visit to Guruvayoor temple I somehow got lost in the temple in the midst of the crowd. For quite a long time I could not see my parents, nor my group. I was terrified and started crying. Then again I felt this invisible presence of Krishna. Finally I got united with my parents and my group and went back home. Since that day, my habit of bed-wetting was gone!

The site url of Guruvayoor is:-

A presentation on AncientVoice web-site

  1. Video Presentation of AncientVoice Web Site

Sri Arvind Venkatraman after visiting my site and after knowing about the Parse software I developed to mine all the nouns and then index them (research-material, mbh-higher-level-unique-noun-categories, mbh-unique-noun-category-list) and also about the work I did on the ancient maps (bharatavarsha) has created a video presentation about the AncientVoice web-site. He is a Vice-President level IT professional, with over 23 years of IT experience. The presentation is in the language, Tamil. The video however demonstrates all of the features of the web-site. The presentation is done close to one year back. Hence, there are some minor changes in the color, style and design of the web-site, since then. Yet it will be useful for all and especially for Tamil speakers.

He has also directed me to read interesting books that could help me in my research and provided me with research-documents, that, he sensed, will be useful for my research.

One of them is:-

  1. Quest for the original Bharata samhita and Mahabharata story - by Sisir Kumar Sen

Extracts from Arvind's email:- "In 1933 a review committee of great scholars critically reviewed the standard text of Mahabaratha and look for additions and modifications in Mahabharata. Sisir Kumar Sen has further worked on this text to arrive at the history behind the story. The mythological sequences have been replaced with the most possible line adopted based on other references within and outside the Mahabaratha. The first section of the book deals with the reasons behind the addition, deletion and modifications to each of the parva and the resultant size of the revised edited work."

I have not yet got a copy of this book. Also, since my research area coincides with this work, I want to read it after some time, to avoid the direct influences of the conclusions of this book on my research. So there is reluctance on my pert to quickly procure this book. However I guess this will be useful for the Mahabharata Research community and to anybody who have not encountered this book.

Other Contributions

There are many other contributions from many people and I consider each of them valuable. If you are not finding them, please note that I will write about them shortly.

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