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  1. The Mahabharata Samshodhana Pratishthanam The Mahabharata Samshodhana Pratishthanam (MSP, Mahabharata Research Foundation) is a non profit Indic Research organization based in Bangalore
  2. Best Site for Upanishads:-
  3. Voice Of Dharma:- An Indian Indology site
  4. Michel Danino:- (A Jewish Indologist)
  5. Dr. Koenraad Elst:- (A Dutch-speaking Belgian Indologist)
  6. Mahabharata Essays - Informal Essays on Mahabharata (8 year long Research)
  7. Mahabharata Online:- Another site with full of resources on Mahabharata
  8. Ramayana:-
  9. Mahabharata: Malayalam Variations:-
  10. Mahabharata: Indonesian Variations:-
  11. Urdu Mahabharata:-
  12. The Mahabharata:- Another Mahabharata Research Site
  13. Wikipedia, Mahabharata:- Obviously!
  14. Mahabharata Resources:- This is an excellent site containing many resources related to Mahabharata, maintained by A. Harindranath
  15. Dr N Gopalakrishnan (Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage) -
  16. Pradip Bhattacharya: Pradip has created his own works and excellent reviews on works from eminent writers on Mahabharata and related topics
  17. Indraajeet Bandyopadhyay: He writes excellent articles on Mahabharata at Sulekha. Some of his great works include the analysis of the birth of the five Pandavas, the analysis of birth of Vidura. He also writes about Indra, Krishna, Arjuna, Yudhisthira, Vyasa and Draupadi and many more.
  18. Satya Sarada Kandula:- She has created a wonderful site containing wealth of information about ancient Indians and ancient Indian texts. She also has started a study center ( where people can learn Sanskrit.
  19. Jayasree Saranathan:- (Explores Sangam literature and connections with Vedic-Sanskrit texts)
  20. Krishna Udayasankar:- The Aryavarta Chronicles - Retelling of ancient history based on Mahabharata
  21. Jayarama**: Jayarama has started this wonderful site where you get to read yet to be made popular stories and narrations taken from Mahabharata

Utility Links

  1. Online Sanskrit Dictionary:-
  2. Online Sanskrit Dictionary:-
  3. Online Sanskrit Dictionary:-
  4. Google Site Search:-


  1. on Ramayana Vesrsions, Historicity
  2. Lenko Slavov, on Bhakti
  3. Yutube Saraswati Dried up 6000 BC to 7000 BC?
  4. Vanga Bangladesh History
  5. Abhimanyu 3D Mobile Game
  6. Emerging Mbh
  7. Online Mbh course UK!
  8. Prabhupada's Krishna
  9. Rajaram's Historical Krishna

Other Links

  1. Aryabhata and 3100 BCE Kali Yuga Start
  2. Persian, Arabic words in Hindi
  3. Persian words


  1. Indian to Egypt


  1. India to Israel

Meso America Mayan

  1. Similarity of Mayan Calender with Kali Yuga Calender starting at aprox. 3100 BCE - Also notable is the band of 36 years (1980 to 2016) = gap between Kurukshetra war and Dwaraka submergence; and the concept of the last 18 days during the culmination of the Mayan cycle at 21-12-2012. This 18 days is the duration of Kurukshetra War; and also the number of books in Mahabharata.
  2. 2012 and Solar Maxima as per NASA



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