1. Bana, the father of Usha and father in law of Aniruddha ruled in Rajastan Bharatpur
  2. Pandavas, Kiratas? Prakjyotisha in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh?
  3. Dasua in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab, claims to be Virata-puri
  4. Suhma (Bengal) was also known as Brahma Desa
  5. Machhiwara Seems to be a Matsya town annexed by Trigarta. It lies in Ludhiyana of Punjab. A territory of northern Matsyas?
  6. Ancient Indian traders in East Asutralia
  7. Indra of Tibet in 725 BC
  8. Mummies in Tarim basin Xinjiyang seems to be migration from Indus Valley on the way to Europe


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