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For writing fictions, stories related to ancient texts

For creating general guest articles

Before creating articles

The AncientVoice web-site is now opened for the guests who would like to author their own articles. The guests (you) who wants to become authors can drop a mail at moc.liamg|eciovtneicna.liame#moc.liamg|eciovtneicna.liame, describing the area of interest and the type of contribution they (you) want to make. On approval, you will be able to create your own articles in the site of your own interests. The articles should match with the theme of existing AncientVoice articles.

Typical cases in which you would like to become a guest author in this web-site:-

  • You have interest in Ancient Indian History based on Ancient Indian Literature and want to express your views
  • You want to complement an existing AncientVoice article adding your own analysis, and it is difficult to express it in a forum post
  • You are a researcher in Ancient Indian History and want to create a research article on your subject, raising interest in the research-community
  • You are a student working for a thesis in Ancient Indian History and want to create articles and collaborate with your peers, seniors and guides

What guest authors should not do:-

  • Guest author should not try to alter the contents of any existing page other than those authored by them
  • Guest author shall not publish content that is not matching with the theme of existing AncientVoice articles
  • If you need to illustrate something using image you can upload image files; but make sure they are of the smallest possible size; avoid BMP; preferred formats are JPG and PNG
  • You should not upload video files; If you have a video illustration; upload it to YouTube and add a link in your Article; The video will play inside your article.


  • Wiki syntax is easy to learn and is available for reference at the bottom of the edit box where you type your contents:-
    • Quick Reference of Wiki Syntax and A collection of code snippets.
    • Knowing them you will be able to format your article by making some text bold, making headings and sub-headings, adding images, videos or google-gadgets into your article thus making it rich and useful.
    • You can also create data sheets and tables
    • You can also make collapsible blocks which expands when clicked
    • and many more things
  • Preferred language of the text is English; but articles in other languages are also welcome
  • Articles need not be only about ancient India; For example it can be about the ancient places or ancient literature belonging to Srilanka, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Russia, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Australia, Europe or America, since the ancient world was well connected and had inter-relationships
  • English Articles on ancient Greek literature, Egyptian literature, Iranian literature, Central Asian and South East Asian literature which had connections with Indian Literature are always welcome
  • English Articles based on Sanskrit literature and any other ancient language like Tamil, other ancient languages in various regions are always welcome
  • English Articles on ancient Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Arabian, South Asian, Central Asian, European, Mayan and American-Indian civilizations are always welcome
  • The word ancient is our common factor; Let the voices of the ancient people be heard loudly and clearly!
  • There can be difference of opinion but express them gracefully
  • Together we shall try to reveal the secrets of the ancient world!


Guest Articles

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